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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) &
Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)

IVF is the process of taking out mature eggs from the ovary and sperms from male partner and fertilization of an egg outside the body in a lab. Then the implantation of fertilized egg (embryo) in the uterus. IVF is a invasive procedure.

We provide the best ICSI treatment in Hyderabad, ICSI involves the injection of a single sperm directly into the cytoplasm of an oocyte by a special ICSI microscope. The ability of ICSI to achieve higher fertilization rates regardless of sperm characteristic makes it the most powerful micromanipulation procedure to treat male factor infertility. After 12-17 hrs of injection eggs are analyzed for fertilization. After ward either fresh embryo is transferred or embryos will be kept for freezing.

Other recent advances in fertilization- PICSI, IMSI.

Who needs IVF?

How is IVF Done?

  1. Fertility Specialist consultation-
    At your first visit doctor will review your history, medical records, scans, investigations and will decide on the decision of IVF , as and when it is required. At this consultation doctor will advise you pre-IVF medications and investigations.
  2. Treatment beginning and monitoring –
    Patient needs to report of day-2 of menses. After basic blood investigation and scans , Hormone injections are started daily up to 8-12 days till the follicles gets mature. These injections are painless and has to be taken on specific time daily. Almost alternate day you need to visit for scans for 8-10 days.
  3. Trigger injection-
    Once you have the best possible number and size of follicles, we schedule your egg collection. You’ll have a trigger injection of hCG in the evening or night, and then we collect the eggs in a daycare surgery procedure 36 hours later.
  4. Egg collection ( OPU )-
    Egg collection is a simple method. This procedure is done under short anesthesia in operation theater under ultrasound guidance with small needle. This procedure takes around 20-30 mins. While it’s a relatively short visit, we recommend you take the day off work. This procedure does not involve any cut or stitch.
  5. Fertilization in lab-
    Retrieved eggs are incubated in culture media. The partner’s semen sample is taken on the morning of egg pickup. There are different methods of fertilization of eggs- conventional IVF or ICSI. But ICSI has a better success rate. To get the best ICSI treatment in Hyderabad, consult our best IVF doctor.

    The pregnancy rates are approximately 45-50% in women less than 35 yrs and 30-35 % in women older than 35 yrs.

    To know more about IVF, ICSI or the ICSI treatment cost in Hyderabad, book a consultation now with our experts at White Rose Fertility.

  6. Embryo transfer-
    The procedure is painless and can be done without anesthesia. Under ultrasound guidance best quality embryo is transferred in the uterus. Usually 2-3 embryo are transferred, rest embryos are kept for freezing. Embryo transfer can be done in same cycle or in next cycle depends on the patient endometrium.
  7. Embryo freezing –
    If fresh transfer not possible or if after fresh transfer remaining embryos are there, then those embryos will be kept for freezing in lab. Freezing dosent have any impact on embryos.
  8. Pregnancy Test-
    After embryo transfer medicines are given and after 2 wks of embryo transfer blood test is performed to check the result.

Success Rate of IVF ?

The success rate of IVF depends on number of factors including maternal age, the cause of infertility, lifestyle of patient. The women age is one of the most important factor. The pregnancy rates are approximately 45-50% in women less than 35 yrs and 30-35 % in women older than 35 yrs.


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suddala anusha
suddala anusha
Hello my name is anusha.iam getting treatment in white rose fertility center from the past 7months.dr.rinke mam was really very supportive and positive minded she gave me positive vides in getting positive results in my pregnancy and finally after much long time it's was success and we became parents through IVF treatment.i would like to thank dr.rinke mam and all other staff.staff all very cooperative and friendly. Thank u so much.
vaishnavi sangaraju
vaishnavi sangaraju
We found Dr.Rinkee Tiwari and her staff are very compassionate, welcoming. Doctor has suggested us with the suitable treatment options and procedure also went very smooth. White rose fertility center has all modern equipment, the very knowledgeable, experienced doctor and the kind staff to make everyone's visit comfortable and help them achive their dreams of parenthood.
ankur singhvi
ankur singhvi
The journey started with the word “ all will be well “ by Doctor Rinke S Tiwari and the confidence she is having in her method of treatment. The journey had become more easy with the friendly behaviour of staff. The treatment is transparent and she had told Pros and cons of each process and gives the freedom to decide. We went with process and process turn into success story 😊🎉
Nilay Pandey
Nilay Pandey
The place where my story of happiness originated. No false promises, 100% transparency and above everything - we got the desired result. Dr Rinke and her support staff are amazing, helping us out throughout the treatment course. Speciall callout for Nusrat, Sabeena, Bhargavi, Rizwana and all the other support staff - you are all amazing :)
Chanakya V
Chanakya V
We approached Dr. Rinkie Tiwari for infertility treatment . It's been positive environment from day one of treatment were all our doubts got clarified. Thanks to Rinkie madam for her patience and dedication. The staff is perfect, supportive and friendly with smiling face. My wife is pregnant now. I recommend this hospital for good treatment and hospitality.
Madhuri bandari
Madhuri bandari
Visited this clinic for eggs freezing treatment. Undoubtedly it’s the best fertility clinic in the city. Dr Rinki has been supportive and transparent during the entire treatment. The staff - Nusrat, Sameena and many others took care of me and made me feel comfortable during the entire process. They do appointments on time valuing the time of patients. There are no hidden charges and they explain you very well before going ahead with the process. Their success rate is really good. Would highly recommend this hospital to the ones looking out for IVF and eggs freezing.

Frequently asked questions

IVF or in vitro fertilisation is a procedure in assisted reproductive technology. Eggs and sperms are fertilised in a laboratory and the developed embryo is implanted in the uterus for a pregnancy.

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