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Semen Analysis Test in Hyderabad

Understanding the intricacies of human fertility can be a complex process, especially when couples are facing challenges to conceive. In such instances, undertaking a semen analysis becomes an essential part of the journey towards successful conception. Semen analysis, also known as a sperm count test, is a crucial procedure done at fertility centres to evaluate the fertility potential in men.

What is a Semen Test or Analysis?

Semen analysis is performed to examine the quantity and quality of the semen and sperm that a man produces. This test provides valuable information about various aspects of the sperm, such as its count, motility (the ability of sperm to move), morphology (size and shape of sperm), and viability (the number of live sperm).

This medical test follows standardised reference values provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO). These reference values help interpret the results of your semen analysis test in Hyderabad.

Signs You May Need to Undergo a Semen Analysis

There are several reasons why your doctor may suggest you undergo a semen analysis. These include:

  • Infertility: If you and your partner have been trying to conceive for over a year without success, a semen analysis is often suggested to assess potential male factor infertility.
  • Vasectomy Follow-up: After a vasectomy procedure, semen analysis tests are conducted to confirm whether or not there are still sperm present in the semen.
  • Unexplained Infertility: In cases where infertility cannot be explained by female factors alone, a semen analysis can help investigate if male-factor infertility is contributing to the problem.
  • Basic Sperm Abnormalities: A semen test can also detect moderate to high-degree basic sperm abnormalities.
  • Assessment of Sperm Function: Biochemical tests may be conducted on sperm during a semen analysis to guide potential therapeutic options

Process of Semen Analysis

The semen analysis process involves several steps performed meticulously to ensure accurate results.

  1. Sample Collection: The process begins with the collection of a semen sample. The man is typically provided with a sterile container and instructed to ejaculate into it. This can be done at the centre in a designated private room or home. To maintain sample integrity, it’s essential to ensure the sample remains uncontaminated and is delivered to the laboratory promptly, ideally within an hour of collection.
  2. Sample Processing: Upon receipt of the sample, it undergoes processing to prepare it for analysis. This may involve diluting the sample with a unique solution to make it suitable for examination. Additionally, in some cases, tests for sperm antibodies may be conducted during this stage to assess if there are any immune factors impacting sperm function.
  3. Microscopic Examination: A laboratory technician examines the semen test sample under a microscope. This helps determine sperm concentration, motility, morphology, and other vital elements.
  4. Reporting: After the semen analysis, the results are compared with the WHO’s reference values. The interpretation of results considers the individual’s medical history, lifestyle factors, and any additional diagnostic tests performed. A comprehensive report detailing the findings is then generated, typically shared with the referring physician or specialist overseeing the individual’s fertility care.

Accuracy of Semen Analysis

Semen analysis is not a treatment but a diagnostic tool for understanding male fertility potential. Therefore, success rates are more about accuracy in providing detailed information about semen and sperm quality.

If abnormalities are found in your semen test, it does not necessarily mean you are infertile. Further testing may be required, and a variety of treatment options exist to help improve sperm quality or assist with conception.

Understanding semen analysis can be a valuable tool on your journey towards parenthood. It’s an essential step in diagnosing male infertility and can provide vital information to guide further treatment options. If you’re considering or have been advised to get a semen analysis test in Hyderabad or elsewhere, it’s crucial to approach it with openness and trust in your medical care team. With their support, you’ll find the process much more manageable and the results more meaningful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure accuracy in your semen analysis, it's recommended that you avoid sexual activities leading to ejaculation for about 2-5 days before the test. This allows for the maximum number of sperm to be present in the sample. Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and drugs is also advised, as these may affect the results.


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swathi kancha
swathi kancha
We all know this journey isn’t easy, more than physical it’s an emotional ride, but I trust Rinkie mam who understands me and supports me and entire staff is with me through thick and thin. During this entire journey, I was able to develop an emotional bond with Rinkie mam and always thankful to her for helping me being strong and positive. Love the staff as well, who treat me more like a family member.
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Vinod Nayak
We got to know Origin fertility clinic through online we met Dr.RINKE TIWARI she is transparent & answers all our silly questions very patiently. The doctor and the staffs were incredibly knowledgeable. The facility itself was modern, clean, and well-equipped with the latest technology. The doctors and specialists provided thorough explanations, addressing all my concerns and ensuring I felt comfortable every step of the way. They personalized my spouse treatment plan, tailoring it to my specific needs. The entire process was handled with utmost professionalism.
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Dheeraj Kumar Ketireddy
Origin Fertility Center surpassed all expectations with Dr. Rinki Tiwari's exceptional expertise and compassionate care. The staff's politeness, modern facilities, and personalized treatment approach created a comfortable environment. Highly recommended for anyone seeking excellent medical attention, their dedication to patient well-being shines through in every aspect of their service. We are immensely grateful for their support throughout our journey. From the moment we stepped in, the warm and professional reception from the staff put me at ease. Dr. Tiwari's attentiveness and detailed explanations of treatment options instilled confidence in me. The clinic's clean and well-equipped facilities added to the overall positive experience. With their help, we can now proudly say that our journey has resulted in success.
Smitha Pandey
Smitha Pandey
It has been an absolutely fantastic experience as we emabrk on the journey to parenthood. Dr Tiwari is extremely knowledgeable and explains each step of the process in detail in easy to understand layman's terms The staff is amazing and hospital - always greeting you with smile, everyone checks on you every now and then and is extremely helpful. They create a family bond and are amazing
We got to know Origin fertility clinic through online and got success in our first attempt. Really thankful to her from the bottom of my heart. Dr.Rinke is transparent & answers all our silly questions very patiently. The doctor and the staffs are very compassionate and caring. The ambiance is clean and calm. Strongly recommended for all couples who are looking forward for parenthood. Thank you!
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Bhaskar Behera
I recently visited ORIGIN fertility center, headed by Dr. RINKE TIWARI and had an exceptional experience. The staffs were incredibly knowledgeable, compassionate, and attentive throughout my entire journey. The facility itself was modern, clean, and well-equipped with the latest technology. The doctors and specialists provided thorough explanations, addressing all my concerns and ensuring I felt comfortable every step of the way. They personalized my spouse treatment plan, tailoring it to my specific needs. The entire process was handled with utmost professionalism and sensitivity, and I felt supported throughout my journey.
Jamshed Alam
Jamshed Alam
We visited Origin fertility clinic after 1 years of my wife's miscarriage, and concern with not able to conceive. Dr. Rinke Maa'm helped her with proper medication and by God grace, she helped my wife to able to conceive naturally even after 2 IUIs were failed. We are thankful to Rinky Maa'm and entire staffs for the continuous support. She suggests only required medications. I highly recommend her...
We have consulted Dr. Rinky Tiwari after multiple failures as a last try. Excellent individual attention from the doctor, who does research on each and every step of the treatment and a positive atmosphere all around the hospital has helped us immensely in this journey which is successful. Unlike many other hospitals at Origin we got that customised treatment throughout journey which proved that going in a flow is not right and each patient is to be specially treated. One size does not fit all. Hence strongly recommend Origin for fertility issues.
Soujanya Kiran
Soujanya Kiran
Origin fertility center is the best fertility center in Hyderabad. Needless to say Dr.Rinki madam is the best best doctor ... When we were planning for parenthood and were facing difficulty we reached out to few doctors but we were not satisfied with them. And one day we came to know about Dr.Rinki madam and since the day we met her till date she is so friendly,caring and always calm and composed and answers all our queries very patiently.I remember when first time IVF treatment failed for me , i lost hope on myself but she boosted us,motivated us and the trust we had in her made us go ahead for treatment again and bingo this time I am positive.Its because of Dr.Rinki madam we are happy and our family is happy. Words are not enough to say thank you madam .. Also the staff right from receptionist, sister, pharmacy,helping staff ,everyone are so friendly and caring. I suggest to people who are in tough time for parenthood to visit Origin fertility center, Dr.Rinki madam. Best fertility center and Best doctor .. THANK YOU ...., 🙏
asha sen
asha sen
Origin Fertility Center is the best fertility center. We got success in our first attempt. Dr. Rinkie and her staff were very much available and helpful fo their patients. I would like to recommend Origin Fertility to someone who really needs help.
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